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Matcha Boy

Matcha, Whisk, Spoon 3 Piece Set

Matcha, Whisk, Spoon 3 Piece Set

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Elevate your matcha ritual with our Matcha, Whisk, Spoon 3 Piece Set. This meticulously crafted ensemble includes essential tools for preparing and savoring matcha, ensuring an authentic Japanese tea experience in the comfort of your home.


  1. Bamboo Whisk (Chasen): Handcrafted from authentic bamboo, our whisk is a time-honored tool essential for achieving the perfect froth and texture in your matcha. Embrace tradition as you whisk your way to a smooth and indulgent cup of matcha.
  2. Bamboo Spoon (Chashaku): Our bamboo spoon provides precise measurement and scooping of matcha powder, ensuring consistency and flavor in every cup. Experience the art of matcha preparation with this traditional utensil.
  3. Choose Your Matcha: Complete your set by selecting either our Everyday Matcha Boy 50g or our Samidori Matcha 30g, offering a harmonious balance of flavor and quality to suit your preferences.
    Convenience and Tradition: Merge the convenience of modern tools with the rich history of matcha preparation. Our Matcha, Whisk, Spoon 3 Piece Set honors tradition while enhancing your matcha experience with thoughtfully curated essentials.

Unveil the artistry of matcha preparation and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Japanese tea culture with our Matcha, Whisk, Spoon 3 Piece Set.

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