How to buy the right matcha for you?

How to buy the right matcha for you?

A spoon of matcha powder


What are the differences between each type of matcha?

There are a several differences between high and low quality matcha. Firstly, higher quality matcha will have more potent taste (stronger umami), it will be more smooth and less bitter. Quality matcha will also have more antioxidants and better health benefits.

Which matcha is for me?:

Ceremonial Grade Matcha (Highest Quality Matcha):

  • Suited for drinking matcha straight up as matcha tea.
  • Smoothest taste, highly nutritious, higher caffeine and low bitterness.

Everyday Matcha:

  • Most versatile matcha, can be used for straight up matcha tea, matcha lattes, smoothies and more.
  • Smooth taste, strong nutrition, moderate caffeine and slight bitterness

Culinary Matcha:

  • Great for baking and smoothies. Can be used for lattes and tea.
  • Moderate nutrition, moderate bitterness. Still has strong matcha flavour.


I'm new to matcha, which one should I buy?

We would recommend buying Everyday Matcha. It can be used for so many different things, tastes good and is nice and green.

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