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Ceremonial Grade Matcha 30g [Samidori Tin]

Ceremonial Grade Matcha 30g [Samidori Tin]

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Delve into the epitome of matcha refinement with Samidori Matcha. Sourced from the revered tea gardens of Uji, Kyoto, Japan, this ceremonial-grade matcha is meticulously crafted from the prized Samidori tea leaves, renowned for their exquisite flavor and aroma.


  • Origin: Cultivated in the historic tea fields of Uji, Kyoto, our Samidori Matcha embodies the essence of Japanese tea culture, delivering a transcendent taste experience with every sip.
  • Shading Process: Expertly shaded for 22 days prior to harvest, our matcha undergoes a meticulous process that enhances its umami flavor and elevates its richness, resulting in a truly exceptional tea experience.
  • Health Benefits: Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, matcha offers numerous health benefits, including boosted metabolism, enhanced focus, and strengthened immunity.
  • Shelf Life: With a shelf life of 6 months, savor the freshness and vibrancy of our Samidori Matcha as it transports you to the tranquil tea gardens of Uji.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled elegance of Samidori Matcha and elevate your tea ritual to new heights with each exquisite sip.

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