Matcha Cafe in Melbourne

Japanese-style cafes serving up the best matcha lattes in Melbourne

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Where can you find the best matcha green tea latte in Melbourne?

As a premium retailer of organic matcha powder in Australia, we’d tell you - right at home with Matcha Boy! Whether it’s a peaceful morning ritual or a weekday pick-me-up, all it takes is combining our whisked matcha green tea and your choice of iced or frothy hot milk. Pure bliss.

Matcha Tea at home

Matcha Boy (Image by Ilham Chew)

That said, as sincere lovers of matcha, we thought we’d also try out some local Japanese-style cafes to see which barista-made versions would top our list.

Chayo Japanese Café

Matcha Cafe

Suburb: Clayton

Nestled along Clayton Road, Chayo has a cozy, modern interior with black fittings and touches of Japanese artwork. The cafe has a variety of flavoured lattes, sells their own merch, and turns into an izakaya bar in the evenings.

The name Chayo might be an alternate reading of 茶葉 cha-ba meaning ‘tea leaf’ or could even be a combination of 茶 cha meaning ‘tea’ and おはよう ohayo meaning ‘good morning’.

Matcha Latte

Their $6 matcha green tea latte comes in a clear glass with a sprinkle of matcha powder on top.

While the consistency was very smooth, we wouldn’t have minded extra matcha for an even richer flavour! Adjusting the amount of matcha to suit your taste is definitely one of the perks of a homemade Matcha Boy latte.

Mr Tanuki café

Matcha Cafe in East Melbourne

Suburb: Balwyn North

Hidden from the main road, Mr Tanuki cafe opens into a bright and stylish interior decorated with Japanese keepsakes, including mini tanuki figurines.

If you’re wondering what tanuki means, 狸 tanuki actually refers to a raccoon dog, which is often represented as a magical creature in Japanese folklore. The cafe’s logo features a tanuki with a characteristic dark patch around its eyes, wearing a woven straw hat.

We found that their matcha green tea latte was deep in colour and flavour - something we swoon for at Matcha Boy

Matcha Latte from a cafe

With a cute smiling bear on your $5 latte, alongside a selection of seasonal fruit cheesecakes, you’ll be forgiven for taking your time to stack up on Insta-worthy pics.


Suburb: Richmond

Dekoboko is reminiscent of a homely 喫茶店 kissaten you’d find in Tokyo, with a reasonably priced lunch menu. From the comfort of your seat, you can watch patissiers at work making soufflé cheesecakes and cream puffs.

The name of this cafe actually means bumpy or uneven, and is well depicted in Japanese characters or kanji as 凸凹 deko-boko.

From just $4, their matcha green tea latte comes in a mug you can tell has been lovingly hand-crafted.

Matcha Latte at cafe

While the matcha flavour here had a nice 旨味 umami or savory taste, we found that there were a few clumps at the bottom. This means the matcha may not have been passed through a strainer or whisked thoroughly. You can see Matcha Boy’s tips for making the perfect matcha here.

So where can you find the best matcha green tea latte?

Considering matcha flavour, colour, and aesthetic, we loved Mr Tanuki’s matcha latte. Outside of Melbourne’s cafe scene though, Everyday Matcha Boy is our reigning favourite for the best matcha green tea latte.

Matcha Boy (Image by Ilham Chew)

We believe there’s something extra special about making tea at home. From the practice of whisking your matcha mindfully with a 茶筅 cha-sen or bamboo tea whisk, and knowing exactly where your matcha comes from, to appreciating the finer details in flavour and texture.

Thanks to the rich, natural soil of the Wazuka region in Uji, Kyoto, where it is grown and farmed, our matcha tea has a vibrant green hue and great flavour that also pairs well in a milky latte.

We deliver this carefully crafted tea to you with zero shipping fees across Australia, so that you too can enjoy up to 25 cups worth of matcha green tea lattes at home, with just one packet.

For the final verdict on the best matcha latte in Melbourne, we think it’s only fair for you to decide… so let us know if Matcha Boy is your fave too!

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