Where Does Matcha Come From?

Where Does Matcha Come From?

The discovery of matcha can be traced back to approximately the 8th century of the Tang Dynasty in China, and then arising in Japan in the 12th century.

Today, most of the world's matcha either comes from Japan or China. The Kyoto prefecture in Japan is known to produce the world's finest matcha for many years now. All of Matcha Boy's matcha comes from the Uji region of Kyoto.

The terrain in which tea is grown will have a significant effect on the quality and the taste of the tea. This is because factors such as steepness of slopes, temperatures, and elevation of the tea fields all play a part in affecting the soil and growth of tea plants. The Uji region in Kyoto is known to have an utopian environment to produce quality tea thanks to its steep slopes and unique landscape.

Different farms will also use different farming methods to grow their tea. The farms from where Matcha Boy sources our matcha tea continues to increase pesticide-free farming methods and increase the use of organic fertiliser.

Check out some of the photos of Uji & Kyoto's tea farms below.


Tea Farm in Japan


Tea leaves in Japan


Tea field in Japan

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