Tea farming in Kyoto

Matcha Boy’s 2022 trip to Tea Farms

Michael here from Matcha Boy ~

I went and volunteered on the farms again in 2022, as part of our annual volunteering mission.

Being able to farm and help cultivate the tea fields that we share with all our customers is something very important to us. We want our customers to see where their tea comes from, and show that we make efforts to contribute to part of the farming process as well. 

Tea farming is challenging and hard work, and the tea fields need to be constantly trimmed, weeded out and fertilised. But all this is definitely worth it and lots of fun. I spend a lot of time behind the computer working on Matcha Boy, so it’s a breath of fresh air to go out on the farms again. I must say some of the farming equipment is really heavy though and lifting it everyday takes its toll. 😅

Farmers tea farming in Kyoto

On our farms we only use non-chemical pesticides, and the fertiliser used is organic. Japanese people are really hard working and disciplined, and I had to get up early everyday to make sure I wasn’t late and worked hard to keep up with their disciplined work ethic. I’m half Japanese which means I only have half of those discplined genetics to work with. 😅

My favourite part was probably being in nature, away from traffic and skyscrapers. Being only exposed to sounds of nature was very calming and zen, and as I’m typing this on my laptop surrounded by traffic noise I already want to go back to the farms 😂

I will probably go again to Kyoto in 2023, until then enjoy your Matcha Boy matcha !

If you're interested in trying some matcha for yourself, check out our range of matcha farmed from Kyoto at Matcha Boy's website !

- Michael
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Hey! I love your blog post and am going to Japan myself very soon, and really want to volunteer at a matcha farm :) which one did you go to?


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