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Introducing matcha, the best coffee alternative

For many, coffee is the go-to beverage to kickstart their day, some love the taste whilst others do it to get their caffeine boost. 

For some, the overwhelming effect from coffee’s caffeine hit can lead to agitation and nervousness, or even headaches.

For these reasons, matcha tea is a healthy and easy alternative to give you a caffeine boost that lasts and doesn’t overwhelm you. 

What is matcha? 

Matcha is a type of green tea grounded into a fine powder, however unlike tea which is brewed, you consume the whole leaf by dissolving the powder into your tea, allowing you to gain all the nutrients that matcha offers.

For a deep dive into what is matcha check out our post here.

Why is Matcha a better coffee alternative? 

Same caffeine boost, but forget the jitters.

A serving of matcha has approximately the same levels of caffeine as coffee, however matcha contains the amino acid called theanine, which slows the absorption of caffeine to a four to six hour period allowing you to be energised over a longer period, and decreasing the chances of you getting overwhelmed.


What are the other health benefits of matcha ? 

Matcha has plenty of health benefits, thanks to its naturally occurring antioxidants called catechins. 

A specific catechin called EGCG has been found to fight inflammation inside the body, promote cell repair and boost metabolism. 

Catechins are capable of preventing active oxygen from attacking the tissues which can develop into diseases.

EGCG has also been discovered to be effective in suppressing the levels of cholesterol in the body, which can lead to increased chances of heart attacks.

How much caffeine does matcha have compared to coffee and other beverages?

As seen below, matcha will have the same 80 mg amount of caffeine as many other beverages, but will release it slowly into your body so you can maintain it over a long period. 
Beverage Caffeine Content
Matcha 60 – 80mg per 100ml cup
Instant coffee 80 – 120mg per 250ml
Espresso coffees e.g. espresso or latte 105-110mg per 250ml
Drip or percolated coffee 150 – 240g per 250ml
Red Bull energy drink 80mg per 250ml

Caffeine content statistics sourced from the Victorian Government's Better Health Channel Website (https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/caffeine)

Which matcha should I drink?

Our most popular matcha is the Everyday Matcha, for its high quality that can also be made into matcha lattes or served straight up however you like !

The Bottom Line TLDR:

Matcha is a great alternative to coffee thanks to its slow release of caffeine, and other health benefits from its antioxidants. 

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