Matcha Dalgona Recipe

How to make matcha dalgona by Matcha Boy.


1 tsp of Matcha Boy
1 tbsp of sugar
75ml of thickened cream (5 tbsp)
1 tbsp of hot water
1 cup of your fav milk with ice


  1. Sift the matcha into a bowl and add tbsp of hot water. stir into a paste.

  2. Add the sugar & cream, mix with a handmixer until whipped (approx 30 secs).  Here you can add more cream or milk to have more paste. If you add more mix for another 15 seconds.

  3. Add ice to a cup and fill it 3/4 with your fav milk.

  4. Add the matcha paste to the glass of milk. You can sift matcha on top if you like.

  5. Stir and enjoy.