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Matcha Boy

Matcha, Whisk, Spoon 3 Piece Set

Matcha, Whisk, Spoon 3 Piece Set

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Complete the matcha experience with our 3 piece set. Along with our best selling Everyday Matcha Boy, you will receive bamboo whisk and spoon to help complete your daily matcha fix. 

New: You can now choose between Everyday Matcha or Ceremonial grade matcha !


  • Bamboo whisk (chasen)
  • Bamboo spoon (chashaku)
  • Everyday Matcha Boy 50g or Ceremonial Matcha 30g Can [Samidori]

Compostable Packaging Available for Everyday Matcha Boy!

  • Matcha Boy sends out compostable packaging on request, to help reduce our environmental impact !
  • If you'd like compostable packaging:
  • Click "Add to Cart"
  • In the "Special Instructions to Seller" section, comment in "Compstable Packaging" and we'll send you your matcha in fully compostable packaging.
  • If there is no request, by default we will send standard packaging, this is because we only want to send compostable packaging to indviduals who have compost garbage available.
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